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blind spot

site intervention, 2021

“Blind Spot” is a site-specific installation, that wants to question the visibility/invisibility of indoors

from outside. The gaze of the cameras in the city or the private and public division among the

society brings a control mechanism for certain behaviors. Legal- illegal, appropriate-inappropriate,

moral-immoral differences are nourished by the visible and invisible division of the place. Blind

Spot deals with the behaviors and emotions related to the power of the gaze. Marking the indoor's

invisible areas to the outside draws a line to consciousness to think about and consider the power

of the gaze.

yatak odası 2.jpg
yatk odası1.jpg
y odası 1.jpg
salon 4.jpg
salon 1.jpg
küçük oda 4.jpg
küçük oda1.jpg
küçük oda 2.jpg
mutfak 3.jpg
kutfak 3.jpg
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